An Online Look at our Family

Ron & Jo Ann

We are busy as usual! Last child is driving! Where has the time gone. Family is doing great and kids and grandkids are nice and close. Jo Ann is spending all the time she can with the new twin grandbabies!

Please note that all of the pictures used as backgrounds on this site were taken by us in our area. The time of year is obviously the fall season.

James & Robyn

James and Robyn lead the typical life with three young children. James is working from home and Robyn is the head cab driver for the three kids.

Their kids are doing great and are enjoying school!

Leonel & Mindy

Leonel is working hard at a Wal Mart Super Center and Mindy is still nursing away at Presbyterian of PLano. LJ is a freshmen in high school and Ashlynn is in 5th grade.

LJ enjoys playing football. Ashlynn is an accomplished gymnast.

The picture is from Christmas 2013.


Jocelyn and Jeremy are still living in Lowry Crossing, just northwest of McKinney. Her twins are here and life is forever different! The girls are beautiful and do not lack for spoiling from MawMaw. (I never spoil grandkids!)

She still loves her country music! (when she has time!)


This is a tribute to Andrew from his big sister after a local paper interviewed him after a game last year.

Andrew has received his first official football letter from Princeton University. We will be there for Junior day at the end of March. Mom says that is too far away!

Family Addresses

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